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Jediprincessleahawesome geek goodness, everyone should sign up, this month is Dragons
Loot Crate - Monthly Geek and Gamer Subscription Box.
Loot Crate is an epic monthly subscription box for geeks and gamers for under $20.
DaiMawr   Delivery makes it more expensive in the UK but might give it a go this month if there is a dragon theme. Thanks for the tip.
Jediprincessleah   i think mine came to about £18 all in all, shame it is slightly more expensive in UK though, but after getting great feedback from a few friends damn it's gotta be worth it
Renegade Steve[link]
Season 8 Dev Blog #56
The Mirror Invasion will be returning to Star Trek Online as part of a brand new limited time event starting on Thursday, March 13, 2014, and ending three weeks later on Thursday, ...
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iROKMaybe he better call Denny Crane...
Star Trek star Chris Pine arrested in New Zealand
Star Trek star Chris Pine arrested in New Zealand - National - NZ Herald News
Amberpaw   star wars fanboys
DaiMawrAnybody got a Galaxy-X? I am tempted to get a fleet version.

Star Trek
The Galaxy Class starships (the Tier 4 Exploration Cruiser Refit, the Tier 5 Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, and the three nacelle alternate universe counterpart, the Galaxy Dreadnou...
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Troubl   Interesting. I do have the Galaxy Dreadnought, though I've never used it.
DaiMawr   Having looked at some posts on the forum I think I will hold onto my hard earned Zen for now. Overwhelming feeling is that the Galaxy series are very poor.

I will hold on for a fleet class Odyssey somewhere in the future.
DaiMawrNow this is good news.
I can hold onto Qmendations etc until next year now I have space.
Storage Slots Increase
Greetings Captains! In order to improve your experience in Star Trek Online, we are bringing you some great news! We will be increasing the number of main inventory slots for all c...
Jediprincessleah   this is such a good thing that they've done i was toying with the idea of adding more slots and they go and read my mind
iROKI remember there is someone in the Fleet that is OBSESSED with Waffles... Enjoy!
Fast Food Waffles
So, we found out you could fold a pizza, throw it in your wa...
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Troubl   Sad... but I'd probably do that after watching that video! :d
anyone wanna argue that the Fed ship looks better than the KDF?

cause KDF has movign engines and guns! =D
Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers Spotlight
The Star Trek Online team is pleased to present this spotlig...
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Renegade Steve   It's between the KDF and Romulan look for me. They both look great.
Dopper   Romulan looks and is best, since it keeps all the Singularity bonuses. KDF a close second on looks and manuveurability. FED ship looks garbage. I've got all three of them. Especially like the Subspace Fold. 2 LY jump with a 15 second cooldown. PLEASE FIX THE TOUR!!!!! Easy money!
DaiMawr   Agreed - Rom is best , KDF second but Fed is a poor third. I suppose that gives Cryptic an excuse for Dyson Dreadnaughts or something else where the Feds can redress the balance next time out.

I am gonna be saving for ages to get that nine-pack.
Jediprincessleahok so after a few days of using the new voth sci destroyer i have to say it's bloody nice ship you can swap stuff around quite nicely and make it very dps orientated, not loads of dps but more of a support ship, i'm gonna try and see if i can outfit it with cannons for a bit of fun
Dopper   Let me know how that works out. I'm working on getting that for my KDF SCI to replace the Bortasqu'.
enough said.
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world
Troubl   Umm... the link it simply to [link] and not linked to a specific video. It's just going to the Youtube site.
Amberpaw   i know. its supposed to bring you to the youtube homepage...they changed it yet again. and yet again. screwed up.
Amberpaw   another new thing. do you have a youtube account. did you try to add a video to your favorites?
yes it got added, the reason you dont see it is it now shows up at the bottom. along with the videos you put there when u first made your account.
Renegade SteveI'm defiantly taking advantage of this.
Star Trek Online - Free to Play Sci-Fi MMORPG
Play Star Trek Online, the Free-to-Play MMO that puts you in the center of the Star Trek universe!
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